AssociatePI is owned and managed by CPCU® designees. Our courses and practice exams are written by CPCU® designees that have passed their exams and earned their designation.

We have been in your shoes. We know how difficult these exams are. We know how overwhelming it is to study and memorize the hundreds of pages of complex insurance topics. That’s why we designed our online course that simplifies the studying process, helping you better prepare to pass your exam with less stress and less studying.

We write our online courses to simplify the studying process, conveying the topics in simple terms and plain English. We make it easy to read, comprehend, and consume the abundance of complex content.

This course will cover every topic and minor details that may appear on the CPCU® 500 exam. This course is updated according to the latest edition of the CPCU® 500 exam, this course is up to date with the current content of the exam.



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Stop struggling. It’s time to study with less stress. With an online course that simplifies the difficult CPCU® topics, helping you easily navigate the overwhelming content to comprehend the complex concepts and pass in less time with less studying.

Course benefits include:

  • EASY TO READ. EASY TO COMPREHEND – No more long drawn out overwhelming textbooks. We write our online courses to simplify the studying process, conveying the topics in simple terms and plain English.
  • FULLY PREPARED TO PASS – Fully prepare to pass the exam. No more struggling to recall information when taking your exam, no more forgetting the minor details, and no more uneasy feelings of unpreparedness when you sit for the exam.
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  • BY CPCU® DESIGNEES FOR CPCU® STUDENTS – AssociatePI is owned and managed by CPCU® designees. Our courses and practice exams are written by CPCU® designees that have passed their exams and earned their designation.
  • MOBILE. PRINTABLE – Your online course is completely online, mobile compatible, printable, and available as an app. Suitable for any studying style.



Easier Studying. Faster Studying. Pass GUARANTEED (or your money back).

Stop wasting your time studying. It’s time to pass in less time with less studying. Pass the CPCU® 500 exam in just two weeks of studying (with a 99% pass rate).

Course includes:

  • COMPLETE ONLINE COURSE – Covers everything that will be on the exam. Designed for faster, easier studying. Completely online and downloadable as a PDF for those that would rather print a physical copy of the course.
  • MASTER THE DETAILS – Course points out the minor details and breaks down the complex concepts so you can master every aspect of every topic (the hardest part of the CPCU® 500). Including a unit and quiz of each chapter dedicated to reviewing the most important topics of the chapter, ensuring you grasp the primary concepts.
  • FILL IN THE BLANK STUDY GUIDE – Designed to ensure you take notes on the most important topics.
  • 350+ PRACTICE QUESTIONS – Quiz questions for each topic of the CPCU® 500 exam to ensure you grasp the main concepts.
  • 2 COMPLETE PRACTICE EXAMS – 60 questions each, formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 500 exam (with the same number of exam questions) to give you a “real exam” feel.
  • QUIZ EXPLANATION – Detailed explanation about the correct answer for every quiz question.
  • CPCU® INSIGHT – Course includes our insight detailing what to expect from each chapter on the CPCU® 500 exam, detailed answer explanation of each quiz question, and our personal email support to provide advice on any question or exam topic.
  • MOBILE APP – Download the AssociatePI mobile App and study on the go! Perfect for your commute to work.
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This course covers the following topics:

  • Risk Management
  • Loss Exposures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Financing
  • Big Data
  • Insurance Policy
  • Insurance Concepts

Please see below for the full course curriculum.



Q: What Type Of Course Is This?

A: This course is entirely online and self-study. Study at your own pace and navigate through our series of text-based modules, quizzes, and practice exams. The online course is mobile compatible and hosted on AssociatePI’s website. You will be prompted to create an account, your account will sync with your online course. To access your course, log in to AssociatePI with your username and password.


Q: Why Is This Course Only Six Chapters?

A: Our course is a proprietary CPCU® course written by AssociatePI. While this course does cover all of the same content that will be on the exam, and the same content as other study material providers, we organize our course in a slightly different order. This is done intentionally to improve the ease of studying and comprehension. This is why you will notice our course is only six chapters whereas other study material providers often offer eight to ten chapters. We cover the same content, the only difference is we arrange the topics and summarize the content into fewer chapters for ease of user experience and comprehension.


Q: Do I Need To Purchase The Textbooks Or Any Other Study Material For Your Course?

A: Nope! Our course covers everything that could possibly be on the exam in extreme detail, no need for other supplemental study material.


Q: What Edition Of The Course Is This?

A: This course is updated according to the latest edition of the exam; this course is up to date with the current exam content. Whenever the exam changes we update our online course to reflect the new content.


Q: The Content Of The Exam Is Changing. Do I Need To Purchase A New Course?

A: Nope! Our courses are automatically updated, at no cost to the user, each time the exam content changes. Whenever the exam changes we update our online course (during the downtime so it doesn’t disrupt studying) to reflect the new content. No need to buy a new course, your online course will always reflect the most up to date exam content.


Q: What’s Different About Your Course?

A: The major benefit of our online course is that each section and question was handcrafted by a CPCU® expert that has passed the CPCU® 500 exam, meaning we know exactly which topics are important and how the questions are formatted. By replicating the questions as closely as possible to the actual CPCU® 500 exam, we give our course and practice exams a “real exam” feel, helping our users better prepare for their exam.


Q: How Do I Know It Works?

A: Our online courses, practice exams, and resources have been used by thousands of personal and commercial insurance employees. We’ve personally helped thousands complete their CPCU® designation and most even come back to help us improve our courses after they pass!



I studied only 2 to 3 weeks per exam

“If you’re looking for a worthwhile alternative to combing through the textbooks, look no further. The interface is simple to use, and the information is streamlined and presented in an efficient manner. I studied an average of only 2-3 weeks per exam, and I felt well-prepared for each. AssociatePI is a total game changer. 10/10 would recommend.”

John D. Lloyd – Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 500, CPCU® 520, CPCU® 530, and CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

Translated in an easier to understand format

“I ran into a brick wall with Finance and Accounting (CPCU® 540). There were so many formulas to comprehend and memorize, I just felt overwhelmed with all the material. Unfortunately, I took my exam and was unable to pass it my first go through. As you may know, the exams are not cheap, and I was determined not to waste my money on a failed attempt again. That’s when I stumbled across AssociatePI. I couldn’t have been more pleased. They were able to condense the information down and able translate it in an easier to understand format. I found this an excellent tool, and would recommend to anyone looking for an edge to get over the hump. No testimonial would be complete without the results; I passed!”

Wes Reynolds – Risk Management Associate

Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Begin

    • Before You Begin: How to Use This Course

    • Before You Begin: Download Study Guide - CPCU® 500

    • Before You Begin: Money Back Guarantee

    • About Exam - CPCU®500

    • Before You Begin – Here to Help

  • 3

    Section II: Risk Management

    • Section II – Before You Begin

    • Risk-Management Process

    • Risk-Management Process – Recap Quiz

    • Measures of Risk

    • Measures of Risk – Recap Quiz

    • Classifying Risk

    • Classifying Risk – Recap Quiz

    • Benefits of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

    • Benefits of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management – Recap Quiz

    • Section II – Most Important Topics

    • Section II – Final Review

  • 4

    Section III: Identifying Risks

    • Section III – Before You Begin

    • Holistic Risk

    • Holistic Risk – Recap Quiz

    • Identifying Risks – Process

    • Identifying Risks – Process - Recap Quiz

    • Analyzing Risk

    • Analyzing Risk – Recap Quiz

    • Analyzing Accidents – Techniques

    • Analyzing Accidents – Techniques – Recap Quiz

    • The Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

    • The Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) – Recap Quiz

    • Section III – Most Important Topics

    • Section III – Final Review

  • 5

    Section IV: Treating Risks

    • Section IV– Before You Begin

    • Treating Risk

    • Treating Risk – Recap Quiz

    • Treating Risk – Examples

    • Treating Risk – Examples – Recap Quiz

    • Treating Risk – Technology

    • Treating Risk – Technology – Recap Quiz

    • Risk-Financing Goals

    • Risk-Financing Goals – Recap Quiz

    • Insurance

    • Insurance – Recap Quiz

    • Large Deductible Plan

    • Large Deductible Plan – Recap Quiz

    • Noninsurance Risk Transfer

    • Noninsurance Risk Transfer – Recap Quiz

    • Section IV – Most Important Topics

    • Section IV – Final Review

  • 6

    Section V: Managing Hazard Risks

    • Section V – Before You Begin

    • Hazard Risk – Property Risk Sources

    • Hazard Risk – Property Risk Sources – Recap Quiz

    • Hazard Risk - Life Safety

    • Hazard Risk – Life Safety – Recap Quiz

    • Hazard Risk – Human Resource

    • Hazard Risk – Human Resource – Recap Quiz

    • Hazard Risk – Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

    • Hazard Risk – Employment Practices Liability (EPL) – Recap Quiz

    • Hazard Risk – Fiduciary Liability

    • Hazard Risk – Fiduciary Liability – Recap Quiz

    • Hazard Risk – Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O)

    • Hazard Risk – Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (D&O) – Recap Quiz

    • Section V – Most Important Topics

    • Section V – Final Review

  • 7

    Section VI: Managing Operational Risks

    • Section VI – Before You Begin

    • Operational Risk – Overview

    • Operational Risk – Overview - Recap Quiz

    • Operational Risk – Indicators

    • Operational Risk – Indicators - Recap Quiz

    • Operational Risk – Technology

    • Operational Risk – Technology - Recap Quiz

    • Risk Assurance

    • Risk Assurance - Recap Quiz

    • Section VI – Most Important Topics

    • Section VI – Final Review

  • 8

    Section VII: Managing Financial Risks

    • Section VII – Before You Begin

    • Financial Risk – Types

    • Financial Risk Types – Recap Quiz

    • Securitization Process

    • Securitization Process – Recap Quiz

    • The Balance Sheet

    • The Balance Sheet – Recap Quiz

    • Section VII – Most Important Topics

    • Section VII – Final Review

  • 9

    Section VIII: Managing Strategic Risks

    • Section VIII – Before You Begin

    • Strategic Risk – Introduction

    • Strategic Risk – Introduction – Recap Quiz

    • Strategic Management

    • Strategic Management – Recap Quiz

    • Strategic Management – Application

    • Strategic Management – Application – Recap Quiz

    • Strategic Risk – Incorporation

    • Strategic Risk – Incorporation – Recap Quiz

    • Section VIII – Most Important Topics

    • Section VIII – Final Review

  • 10

    Section IX: Risk Modeling

    • Section IX – Before You Begin

    • Probability

    • Probability – Recap Quiz

    • Volatility

    • Volatility – Recap Quiz

    • Financial Probability

    • Financial Probability – Recap Quiz

    • Analyzing Trends

    • Analyzing Trends – Recap Quiz

    • Analyzing Events

    • Analyzing Events – Recap Quiz

    • Section IX – Most Important Topics

    • Section IX – Final Review

  • 11

    Section X: Data Analysis

    • Section X – Before You Begin

    • Risk Management and Big Data

    • Risk Management and Big Data – Recap Quiz

    • Data Mining

    • Data Mining – Recap Quiz

    • Data Analysis

    • Data Analysis – Recap Quiz

    • Decision Making with Data

    • Decision Making with Data – Recap Quiz

    • Section X – Most Important Topics

    • Section X – Final Review

  • 12

    Section XI: Communication and Collaboration

    • Section XI – Before You Begin

    • Communication Process

    • Communication Process – Recap Quiz

    • Risk Communication

    • Risk Communication – Recap Quiz

    • Collaboration

    • Collaboration – Recap Quiz

    • Risk Collaboration

    • Risk Collaboration – Recap Quiz

    • Message Delivery

    • Message Delivery – Recap Quiz

    • Section XI – Most Important Topics

    • Section XI – Final Review

  • 13

    CPCU® 500 Practice Exams

    • CPCU® 500 Practice Exam One

    • CPCU® 500 Practice Exam Two