CPCU® 520 Practice Exam Course

AssociatePI is owned and managed by CPCU® designees. Our courses and practice exams are written by CPCU® designees that have passed their exams and earned their designation.

We have been in your shoes. We know how difficult these exams are. We know how overwhelming it is to study and memorize the hundreds of pages of complex insurance topics. That’s why we designed our online course that simplifies the studying process, helping you better prepare to pass your exam with less stress and less studying.

We write our practice exams to give you a “real exam feel”. Our practice exam questions are tough, just like the actual CPCU® exam, intended to fully prepare you for the type of questions and format of questions that you will see on the actual exam.

This course will provide a practice question (over 350 in total) for every section and topic of the CPCU® 520 exam. This course is updated according to the latest edition of the CPCU® 520 exam, this course is up to date with the current content of the exam.

This course is only recap questions and practice exams. For the full online course and study guide, see our CPCU® 520 Comprehensive Online Course.


Realistic Format. Real Exam Feel. Over 350 Practice Questions.


    No more fluff questions that don’t prepare you for the exam. We write our practice exams to give you a “real exam feel”. Our practice exam questions are tough, just like the actual CPCU® exam, intended to fully prepare you for the type of questions and format of questions that you will see on the actual exam.


    Fully prepare to pass the exam. No more struggling to recall information when taking your exam, no more forgetting the minor details, and no more uneasy feelings of unpreparedness when you sit for the exam.


    No more stress. You are going to pass. Thousands have used the AssociatePI program and courses, with these exact practice exams, to pass their exams with a 99% exam pass rate (compared to the industry average 70% pass rate).


    You cannot pass this exam without practicing. With over 350 questions in our practice exam course, including two complete practice exams built to give you a realistic exam experience and hundreds of recap questions ensuring you understand each exam topic, you will be more than prepared to pass the official exam on your first attempt.


    AssociatePI is owned and managed by CPCU® designees. Our courses and practice exams are written by CPCU® designees that have passed their exams and earned their designation.


    Your online course is completely online, mobile compatible, and printable. Suitable for any studying style.


350+ PRACTICE EXAM QUESTIONS. Prepare for the CPCU® 520 exam with real practice questions formatted exactly like the actual exam.

  • 350+ PRACTICE QUESTIONS – Quiz questions for each topic of the CPCU® 520 exam to ensure you grasp the main concepts.

  • 2 COMPLETE PRACTICE EXAMS – 50 questions each, formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 520 exam (with the same number of exam questions) to give you a “real exam” feel.

  • QUIZ EXPLANATION – Detailed explanation about the correct answer for every quiz question.

  • MASTER THE DETAILS – Course points out the minor details and breaks down the complex concepts so you can master every aspect of every topic (the hardest part of the CPCU® 520). Including a unit and quiz of each chapter dedicated to reviewing the most important topics of the chapter, ensuring you grasp the primary concepts.

  • CPCU® INSIGHT – Course includes our insight detailing what to expect from each chapter on the CPCU® 520 exam, detailed answer explanation of each quiz question, and our personal email support to provide advice on any question or exam topic.

  • REAL EXAM FEEL – Quiz questions designed to mimic the format of the actual CPCU® 520 exam to give you a “real exam feel” and fully prepare you for the type of questions you will see.


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John D. Lloyd - Underwriter

"If you're looking for a worthwhile alternative to combing through the textbooks, look no further. The interface is simple to use, and the information is streamlined and presented in an efficient manner. I studied an average of only 2-3 weeks per exam, and I felt well-prepared for each. AssociatePI is a total game changer. 10/10 would recommend."


Wes Reynolds - Risk Management Associate

"I ran into a brick wall with Finance and Accounting (CPCU® 540). There were so many formulas to comprehend and memorize, I just felt overwhelmed with all the material. Unfortunately, I took my exam and was unable to pass it my first go through. As you may know, the exams are not cheap, and I was determined not to waste my money on a failed attempt again. That's when I stumbled across AssociatePI. I couldn't have been more pleased. They were able to condense the information down and able translate it in an easier to understand format. I found this an excellent tool, and would recommend to anyone looking for an edge to get over the hump. No testimonial would be complete without the results; I passed!"

I DID IT! I passed with an 80-89!!!!!

Jolene Evenson - Material Damage Field Auto Claims Adjuster

I did a lot of reading on the entire CPCU® curriculum before I decided which route I wanted to go with study materials. I chose AssociatePI due to some articles that recommended it vs. The Institutes materials, plus reading the review of The Institutes study materials on CPCU® 540 specifically were REALLY unfavorable. I also really liked the pass guarantee - I was hoping to not have to use it and I figured if he's confident enough in his course to offer a guarantee, it must work! AND IT DID! I passed CPCU® 540 yesterday with an 80-89!!!!! The practice tests from AssociatePI were harder than the exam itself. So if you're getting 90 and above as he recommends you will kill it. I don't know of any other study material that you'd be able to email someone with questions and they'd walk you through quiz answers etc. that REALLY helped me. Overall I would definitely recommend this course!


Laronna Woolf - VP/Senior Account Manager in Commercial Lines

"I passed my CPCU® 530 Law test! Finally, after give or take 15 years, I have earned my CPCU®! Though this was a retake of my exam, I used your study materials for the second taking and now wished I had known about your study materials throughout my journey. In any event, your study materials helped immensely. The layout and the order in which you presented the material just made so much more sense than the book's version."


Romona Walls - Independent Claim Adjuster

"Great product offering, in-depth reading, and helpful tips to study. Well worth the purchase, study and time!"


  • What Type Of Course Is This?

    This course is entirely online and self-study. Study at your own pace and navigate through our series of text-based modules, quizzes, and practice exams. The online course is mobile compatible and hosted on AssociatePI’s website. You will be prompted to create an account, your account will sync with your online course. To access your course, log in to AssociatePI with your username and password.

  • Do I Need To Purchase The Textbooks Or Any Other Study Material For Your Course?

    That is completely up to you. Our CPCU® 520 Practice Exams Course is strictly practice questions if you want a complete course that covers all of the content of the CPCU® 520 exam then check out our CPCU® 520 Comprehensive Course. Our practice exams course includes: 350+ practice questions, 2 complete practice exams (75 questions each just like the real exam), Answer explanation for each quiz question, Unit and quiz dedicated to the most important topics, Insight detailing what to expect from each chapter, Mobile app

  • What Edition Of The Course Is This?

    This course is updated according to the latest edition of the exam; this course is up to date with the current exam content. Whenever the exam changes we update our online course to reflect the new content.

  • The Content Of The Exam Is Changing. Do I Need To Purchase A New Course?

    Nope! Our courses are automatically updated, at no cost to the user, each time the exam content changes. Whenever the exam changes we update our online course (during the downtime so it doesn’t disrupt studying) to reflect the new content. No need to buy a new course, your online course will always reflect the most up to date exam content.

  • What’s Different About Your Course?

    The major benefit of our online course is that each section and question was handcrafted by a CPCU® expert that has passed the CPCU® 520 exam, meaning we know exactly which topics are important and how the questions are formatted. By replicating the questions as closely as possible to the actual CPCU® 520 exam, we give our course and practice exams a “real exam” feel, helping our users better prepare for their exam.

  • How Do I Know It Works?

    Our online courses, practice exams, and resources have been used by thousands of personal and commercial insurance employees. We’ve personally helped thousands complete their CPCU® designation and most even come back to help us improve our courses after they pass!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Begin

    • Before You Begin: How to Use This Course

    • Before You Begin: Money Back Guarantee

    • About Exam - CPCU®520

    • Before You Begin – Here to Help

  • 3

    Section II: Insurance Regulation

    • Regulators Recap Quiz

    • Purpose of Regulators Recap Quiz

    • Licensing Recap Quiz

    • Monitor Insurance Contracts Recap Quiz

    • Monitor Market Conduct Recap Quiz

    • Monitor Solvency Recap Quiz

    • Regulate Rates Recap Quiz

  • 4

    Section III: Marketing and Distribution

    • The Insurance Market Recap Quiz

    • Marketing Recap Quiz

    • Functions of the Producer Recap Quiz

    • Distribution Systems Recap Quiz

    • Distribution Channels Recap Quiz

    • Choosing a Distribution System and Channel Recap Quiz

  • 5

    Section IV: Underwriting

    • Underwriting Recap Quiz

    • Underwriting – Types of Underwriter Recap Quiz

    • Underwriting Policy Recap Quiz

    • Difficulties of Underwriting Policy Recap Quiz

    • The Underwriting Process Recap Quiz

    • Underwriting – Measuring Results Recap Quiz

  • 6

    Section V: Risk Control and Premium Auditing

    • Risk-Control Recap Quiz

    • Risk-Control Alignment Recap Quiz

    • Risk-Control Goals Recap Quiz

    • Premium Auditing Recap Quiz

    • Process of Premium Auditing Recap Quiz

    • Premium Auditing Alignment Recap Quiz

    • Premium Audit – Accuracy Recap Quiz

  • 7

    Section VI: Claims

    • Claims Overview Recap Quiz

    • Claims Personnel Recap Quiz

    • Claims Process Recap Quiz

    • Claims Regulation Recap Quiz

  • 8

    Section VII: Actuarial Operations

    • Actuarial Overview Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Definitions Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Methods Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Factors Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Loss Reserves Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Goals Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Process Recap Quiz

    • Ratemaking – Variations Recap Quiz

  • 9

    Section VIII: Reinsurance

    • Reinsurance Overview Recap Quiz

    • Reinsurance – Types Recap Quiz

    • Reinsurance – Agreement Terms Recap Quiz

    • Reinsurance – Sources Recap Quiz

    • Reinsurance – Alternatives Recap Quiz

  • 10

    Section IX: Information Technology

    • Information Technology – Purpose Recap Quiz

    • Information Technology – Strategy Recap Quiz

    • Information Technology – Security Recap Quiz

    • Need for Quality Data Recap Quiz

  • 11

    Section X: Strategic Management

    • Strategic Management Overview Recap Quiz

    • Organizational Strategies Recap Quiz

    • SWOT Analysis Recap Quiz

    • Five Forces Analysis Recap Quiz

  • 12

    CPCU® 520 Practice Exams

    • CPCU® 520 Practice Exam 1

    • CPCU® 520 Practice Exam 2


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